Do You Have an Abigail?

Yesterday, I wrote about cave dwelling on our way to the palace. Sometimes, when in the cave, we can loose sight of the promise. We need people in our lives to speak truth to us, to remind us of where God is leading us. We need people to prophesy our future.

While David was cave dwelling he encountered a man who was foolish and boorish. After David and his men showed him kindness, Nabal did not reciprocate. David was so angry that he wanted to eliminate not only Nabal but his entire household.

The beautiful and wise Abigail steps in to remind David of who he is and who he was called to be. She reminded him of the prophecy that he will one day be king. She encouraged him that destroying a household was not becoming for a future king.

We all need Abigails in our lives. We need people to have difficult conversations with us when we forget who we are. We need people to speak truth in love over us and remind us of the promise. It is dangerous to surround yourself with only “yes men”. Allow people to speak truth to you, even if it is uncomfortable.

“When the Lord has done all he promised and has made you leader of Israel, don’t let this be a blemish on your record. Then your conscience won’t have to bear the staggering burden of needless bloodshed and vengeance. And when the Lord has done these great things for you, please remember me, your servant!””
‭‭1 Samuel‬ ‭25:30-31‬ ‭NLT

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