I Am Melissa…

Do you believe in the accuracy of the Bible but do not believe that God’s same power to heal as revealed in these stories is applicable for you today?

When my children were little, I gave my daughter a toy. Her older brother asked, “Why does Lyndsay get a toy?” I jokingly replied, “Because she is Lyndsay.”

He looked at me with the indignation of a six year old and declared, “Well, I’m James.”

My son in that moment understood a biblical principle. He knew his parent did not show favoritism, and he knew God does not show favoritism. If his mom generously
distributed gifts to one of her children, surely, she would give to the other.

My son boldly declared with anticipation, “Well, I’m James.”

And today I read the Bible with that same attitude. Yes, I read it as a factual historical record, but I also read it as a collection of promises from my generous Father. I read Genesis to Revelation not simply as stories but as examples of what is possible for me as a believer.

I read the Bible with expectancy knowing that what my Father did for my brothers and sisters throughout history He will also do for me. And that’s because I am Melissa, daughter of the Most High.

Excerpt from Redefined – When Jesus Captivates a Woman’s Heart. Coming October 1, 2019.