Open Doors

I encourage education. I encourage mentoring. I encourage reading and studying to better your gifting. But at the same time, I know and have experienced the favor factor. The favor of God can take you beyond your education. God’s favor can open doors no man can open for you and can accelerate you faster than earning an advanced degree.

If God has called you to do something and you are feeling inadequate – not smart enough, not relational enough, not strong enough, not young enough, not old enough, not talented enough – trust God’s favor will open doors.

Here are 3 simple steps to accelerate open doors:

1. Study. Read books, go to conferences. Learn what others have done before you.

2. Find a mentor. Be teachable. Ask for impartation.

3. Most importantly trust God to open doors. Don’t look or seek men to accelerate you only God can do that. He will give you favor with men & women, but we need to look to Him and Him alone.

I pray that God open doors for you in 2016. I pray you can recognize when God has closed a door and that you will have faith to walk through doors He has opened. I pray that in 2016 and beyond, you will have favor with God and with man.

This is what you must write to the angel of the church in Philadelphia: I am the one who is holy and true, and I have the keys that belonged to David. When I open a door, no one can close it. And when I close a door, no one can open it. Listen to what I say. (Revelation 3:7 CEVUS06)