The Challenge Week 4 Day 3

“Go into the promised land.” God instructed. But due to fear and unbelief, the people murmured, they complained, they accused God of sending them into defeat and ultimately death. They did not trust the Lord.

In response to their unbelief, Moses wrote a prayer. We call it Psalm 90. It is believed that the people were to recite this daily or the priest were to recite at the tabernacle service. After their failure to believe, Moses the good teacher, seeks to remind the people that God is eternal and we are but a vapor, that God is powerful and majestic and we should reverence Him. He ends the prayer with a declaration of faith: “May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands.” Psalm 90:17.

Is God calling you to go into your promised land? Is He calling you to walk on water, take a step of faith, take a risk? You have two choices. You can shrink back in fear or you can go boldly forth reminding yourself that “God will establish the work of your hands because His favor is upon you.”

There are so many things on my heart at this time. God is beckoning me to step out of the boat, out of my comfort zone into a promised land. I’m excited. I’m reluctant. I’m thrillified. But I’m trusting. I’m believing. I’m hopeful. I’m praying, “God establish the works of my hand as I write, preach, teach, give, minister to the marginalized and the forgotten, yes establish the works of my hands.”

Step out of your boat and trust God will lead you into your land of promise.

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