Who Shall I Fear?

David was living a nightmare. His former boss and father-in-law wanted him dead. In exile, he found rest at the house of the priest. He had no idea, this action would cause his former boss to slay all of the priest.

David was grieved, alone, an outcast. Fear was banging on David’s door. How could he withstand Israel’s army? How could he overcome someone so evil that they would slay the Lord’s priest?

As darkness surrounded David, as fear vied for prominence in David’s heart, David declared:

“The LORD delivers and vindicates me! I fear no one! The LORD protects my life! I am afraid of no one!”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭27:1‬ ‭NET‬‬

2020 seems like a nightmare. The plaque. Isolation. Financial devastation. Racial unrest. Riots. Looting. Witches rallies. Rumors of forced vaccinations. Conspiracy theories abound. And just when it seems it can’t get worse, a video goes viral among Christians predicting destruction in the coming months.

Fear is banging at our doors. Fear is vying for prominence in our hearts.

We have a choice. We can open the door and let fear take up residence in our hearts or we can stand in faith like David. I’m choosing the later. How about you?

Believe this with me:
The Lord delivers, vindicates, and protects me.
I am not afraid. I fear no one. I fear nothing.

Even when a plaque devastates, when stock markets crash, and conspiracy theories abound, I refuse to fear.

Even when destruction is prophesied and our nation seems more divided than ever, I will remain confident in the Lord’s ability to rescue me.

I have but one desire. I want to dwell in the presence of Lord and behold His beauty.

For I know, He will provide shelter. He will keep me safe. He will hide me from all trouble in His arms. He has seated me in heavenly places.

I will shout for joy even in the midst of the trouble. I will proclaim His goodness.

I am confident of this one thing: I will see the goodness of the Lord on this side of heaven.

I am strong and confident. I will not fear because my trust, my assurance, my Hope is in my Father who is good AND He loves me!


Psalm 27