It’s all about the Bird

Our traditional holiday meal is turkey and cornbread dressing. Now, I know many people find turkey dry, but my turkey is moist and flavorful. Here is the recipe for my #nostressholiday bird.

I buy a fresh Butterball turkey. Not sure if it makes a difference but that is where I start.

The night before, I place the turkey in a turkey bag, season it really well and let it marinate overnight.

To Season the Turkey

1. Rub olive oil (or butter) over the turkey

2. Season very generously with Tony’s Creole seasoning, poultry seasoning, and garlic powder. I rub the seasonings on the outside and sprinkle on the inside of the turkey as well. The key is to season like you are an African-American grandma.

3. Add chopped onions, green onions, and celery into the cavity of the bird and on the outside.

Marinate over night and follow the directions for baking, basting often.

We use the drippings from the turkey to make our famous cornbread dressing. (I read once, stuffing the turkey causes it to bad quicker, not sure if that is true but I’m not taking any chance.) But you will have to marry one of my children to get that recipe.

My turkey is always moist and delicious. A couple of days after the holiday, we use the leftover turkey for a Turkey Pot Pie  which has become another family tradition.

What is your favorite holiday meal? Will you share a recipe?


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